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15 Feb 2014

Posted by root in Portal News

Welcome to CoveDweller.org....


What is CoveDweller?


CoveDweller is a new (02/17/2014) forum that has been put together to foster the friendships, share the experiences and generally promote having a good time on bodies of water. This forum is not catering to any body of water in general (though there will be dedicated message areas for a few locations) but to share experiences from all locations and all types of water - whether it be lakes, oceans, rivers or ponds.


The main focus of the forum is towards boat owners - but by no means is it a requirement. Are you a friend of a boater who frequents a certain area? Do you take pics and engage in conversation? Then you are more than appropriate for what we are seeking here. The hope is that we will also watch as members who don't currently own a boat get the fever that a lot of us have and take the plunge and join us.


We support and will advertise all of the similar forums out on the Internet - but we will strive to be different. You don't need to own a "go fast" boat to join us, you don't need to use one type of propulsion or another, and there will be no looking down ones nose at another for not owning a boat and asking newbie questions - as a matter of fact, we love that kind of stuff here. The only REQUIREMENT of CoveDweller is that you enjoy having a good time, on a body of water and are interested in discussing it.


With that said - I will leave you with a picture that pretty much sums it all up - and welcome to CoveDweller.org...



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